Rawr – Don’t forget to carry the M!

Friday was a quiet day as I said before it would be, with one of the boys from my friend being struck by a stomach bug, we took things slowly. Given my tiredness from the previous days I wasn’t really complaining about that!

The Friday night came along and we headed out to the Burswood Theatre to watch Eddie Izzard live.. And boy, enjoy we did. What a great show it was with so many high-points. Some of the best bits were undoubtedly the bit about language and the lack thereof with the dinosaurs.. Rawr!!! The veliciraptier being stopped in the car and asked for his papers when stopped by the police (how fast did you think you were going sir? Rawr, raawr, rawrrrr, rawwwwr.. 45?) had me and my friends in stitches and we kept rawring at each other the following days πŸ™‚
Another great bit was the part where he was talking in Latin, well.. actually it was a mixture between English, French, German, Italian and funny as heck. When he started counting out in ‘roman’ (How many people you say? MMMCXLVXIMMM .. only 43?? No, don’t forget to carry the M!!)

As it was a fairly new, at least on Aussie soil, there were a few bits in the show that didn’t work for the majority (I guess no one saw that movie!! Make a note of that) despite that a very entertaining evening was had by all. Very happy that more tickets had become available at a late date!! πŸ™‚

Saturday was a calm day as well;, with poor one sick boy who fortunately started to bounce back during the day. Saturday evening we spent the evening at home, as a kind of impromptu birthday party where Trish gave me an authentic Aussie hat (no, no corks dangling from it like Crocodile Dundee’s hat!!) On Sunday afternoon we went for a tour, given by two friends whom I’d met the night before of the local wine area. The chocolate factory was a must-stop for some!! πŸ˜‰ Then it was on to a winery where several wines were tasted (I’m just not used to the taste at all btw) and we had lunch.

As we drove back, we stopped opf at an ice salon and got some icecreams.. My first pistachio icecreams in years and years then to head back to the tour guides place to hang out a bit there. As the day was progressing, I could feel my stomach starting to protest and it looks like I too had gotten the stomach bug that had been doing the rounds (I wasn’t its last victim either as it turned out). By the time it was time to transfer me over to another friend in the area to stay there for a few days, I was having a lot of trouble keeping anything down..

After a decent night’s sleep given the circumstances, we were off to the mall to get some supplies and then off to the Zig Zag, a road in the hills above Perth which give you a great view over the city, then lunch for some dim-sum, which was good but I didn’t dare to eat much yet. After lunch it was off to the Cohunu Wildlife park, where they have kangaroos (you are allowed to feed them), wallibis, koalas etc and I really enjoyed myself but by the time we got back home I was so tired and dizzy that the only thing I wanted to do was to sit down and make the world stop spinning! After watching a movie or two (or trying to at least) it was time for an early night.

The following morning I felt a lot better and was able to eat somewhat normally again, after breakfast I jumped ontop the train to the city and went to visit Scitech, a hands on science museum and a planetarium. At the latter I saw two amazing shows, planetarium technology has come a long, long way since I was last in one!!

Aftewr dinner, we headed off Riverton Bridge and then to the Zig Zag again, but this time for some night shots over the city with more stunning views over the city

Aussie 2011

After a long trip yesterday (and the day before) I’m back in the Land Down Under. After two flights (Amsterdam – Singapore, 12h25m and Singapore – Perth (4h45m) and an incredibly quick pass through customs and immigration (5 minutes tops!!) I’m back!

I was soo out of it last night after that long trip and not having slept more than 4 hours since Tuesday that I crashed really early. By 20:30 I was down and out, and not before I started to talk Dutch to my friends and it not registering with me till after I had repeated it (in Dutch again).

It was really good to see my friend again and I slipped right back in my brau-pair role it seems! The youngest one gave me a big hug last night, when I had been there for only an hour or so. All in all it was a really long birthday, but well worth it!

Today will be a quiet day and then tonight we’ll be going to see Eddie Izzard. I’m really looking forward to that!

Over and out for now!