Aussie 2011

After a long trip yesterday (and the day before) I’m back in the Land Down Under. After two flights (Amsterdam – Singapore, 12h25m and Singapore – Perth (4h45m) and an incredibly quick pass through customs and immigration (5 minutes tops!!) I’m back!

I was soo out of it last night after that long trip and not having slept more than 4 hours since Tuesday that I crashed really early. By 20:30 I was down and out, and not before I started to talk Dutch to my friends and it not registering with me till after I had repeated it (in Dutch again).

It was really good to see my friend again and I slipped right back in my brau-pair role it seems! The youngest one gave me a big hug last night, when I had been there for only an hour or so. All in all it was a really long birthday, but well worth it!

Today will be a quiet day and then tonight we’ll be going to see Eddie Izzard. I’m really looking forward to that!

Over and out for now!

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