Kuala Lumpur

Well, Ive arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur after an okay flight, bumpy occasionally and not much to eat but lunch and breakfast (in that order yes!!).. So I hit the Burger King for a Whopper.. I just needed to eat something..

In little over an hour I’ll be off to Perth for the second leg of my journey! I can’t wait to get there..

Australian money looks and feels odd

I’ve just gotten my Australian dollars and the money just looks and feels weird. It’s a kind of plastic.. Got a lot of colours though!

And they didn’t have Malaysian ringgits!!


I’m all set now though, everything I need I got

7 days to go

7 days to go till I’ll be going on holiday to Australia..

This last week’s gonna be a slow one I fear, I’m all set apart from getting the Aussie dollars. I can’t wait anymore till I finally get to go. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long, and now it’s finally almost there!