What a day

What a long and tiring day that was!

  • Going to the airport round 9:30 for a noon flight
  • a 12 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur
  • Nearly 4 hours waiting (big tail wind on the flight) for the next flight
  • Another 5 hours flying

Then after that, I got out of the airport and met my friend (with a huge hug!!) for the first time round 15:30 local time. We got her kids back in the car and drove back to their place, about 30 minutes (I think) where I met her husband. We chatted for a bit and then had dinner (Chinese) and we talked some more untill I was about to crash. When they turned in, I just hit the computer for a short while to catch up on my mail, but round 22:00 it was over and out for me.. I slept till round 5-ish and after that I was in and out of sleep till about 9 when I got out.

My friend was just going out with the kids to playgroup and she’ll be back in about 1.5 hours. Gives me some time to check my mail, update this, get my clothes sorted and all that..

No pics as of yet.. (apart from a few of the plane and KL airport

I’ve arrived safely in Perth

I made it, tired as heck, but I got here. Flights were all pretty smooth, apart from some turbulance here and there and low clouds (bad visibility) I’m very happy to finally be here and meet her after talking virtually for such a long time. No awkwardness at all, though I did have some butterflies just before meeting up at last. My brain isn’t running on al cylinders at the moment, so I’ll keep it brief for now.

Kuala Lumpur

Well, Ive arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur after an okay flight, bumpy occasionally and not much to eat but lunch and breakfast (in that order yes!!).. So I hit the Burger King for a Whopper.. I just needed to eat something..

In little over an hour I’ll be off to Perth for the second leg of my journey! I can’t wait to get there..

Australian money looks and feels odd

I’ve just gotten my Australian dollars and the money just looks and feels weird. It’s a kind of plastic.. Got a lot of colours though!

And they didn’t have Malaysian ringgits!!


I’m all set now though, everything I need I got

7 days to go

7 days to go till I’ll be going on holiday to Australia..

This last week’s gonna be a slow one I fear, I’m all set apart from getting the Aussie dollars. I can’t wait anymore till I finally get to go. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long, and now it’s finally almost there!