A week and a bit later..

Well, it’s hard to believe that it’s all over and done with already!! I’d been looking forward to this trip for so long and once it started, it was almost over before I really noticed it. Being on the go for almost four weeks straight, with just the occasional ‘slow’ day it’s only now starting to really sink in what an amazing time I’ve had Down Under!


Meeting my friend in Perth after talking to her very often via email, msn, sms and the occasional phonecall for nearly 5 years was definitely one of the highlights of the whole trip! (Yes, I know it sounds a bit corny, but it’s the truth!!) It’s such a cool thing to notice that you also click in real life and not just through a keyboard! She and the rest of her family (and friends) really made me feel at home. And the kids were great to get along with as well! It’s definitely not a ‘standard’ thing for a holiday but I enjoyed myself tremendously with them and I’m very glad it worked out like this!

It’s so much better to talk about certain things when you’re face to face, compared to digitally.. Even though we do seem to manage to get the message across pretty well, it just added that extra bit to it all! I now know how she’d say certain things she says in emails πŸ™‚


After having been with them for about a fortnight, it was time to say my goodbyes for a short while and head out to Alice Springs and from thereon to Kata Tjuta, Uluru and King’s Canyon. I’d booked a 3-day camping tour through that area.. And before I went I was a bit in doubt about that, since I am not a camping type person at all!! But in retrospect, I should’ve gone on the 5-day tour.. It was soo much fun and I’ve seen soo many gorgeous things during those three days and had such a great time walking and ‘climbing’ through the valleys.. I really surprised myself I liked it that much!! I’ll know for next time that I can take it, as long as there’s some creature comforts around!!


Then it was on to Sydney.. After a rocky start, with it not working at all between me and the acquintances I was gonna stay at.. I went to the city itself and checked in in a backpackers hotel. That hotel was situated just to the south of the city centre and most of the things I’d wanted to see and knew about beforehand were in walking distance (for me anyways) The Harbour Bridge was about 45 minutes walking, but I liked that! I got to see more of the city that way then jumping on a bus or train..
The Harbour Bridge.. Now, climbing that was surely one of my favourite things to have done during this trip. It’s soo cool to walk through the structure of the bridge and really see and feel how it’s put together! plus the views you get standing on top of that thing are simply awesome. Walking up and down over an iron grid and just seeing water 80m or so beneath you is cool! you really shouldn’t have vertigo, it could be difficult for you then!!


The only thing during this holiday that was a bit disappointing actually was the tour of the Opera House. When I went on it, most of the halls were closed due to performances at night, copyright reasons etc.. Now, I can fully understand that being done, but put up a notice at the ticket desk saying that the tour won’t go through certain areas and maybe adjust the price accordingly! Other then that, I loved Sydney.. It’s got far more a city feel then Perth has (I like Perth a lot as well, but it’s just different) and with me being a city boy, I felt at home there. It wasn’t too hectic, still pretty relaxed just like the rest of the country.


Then after Sydney it was back to Perth again, to stay a few more days at my friends and celebrate (and help preparing!) the 1st birthday of their second son.. That was a lot of fun as well, all the kids had a great time (and that’s why you do it mostly anyways) and I got some shots of mom at the party with the kids, she normally doesn’t get many of those since she’s the photographer!
The last normal day fell in the water, almost literally. The weather forecast had several severe weather warnings in it for the Perth area.. So, instead of going out and seeing more stuff I stayed ‘at home’ and just mailed with my friend whilst she was at work, just like I do at home almost πŸ˜‰


And then leaving day came around.. I was out of sorts all day, stomach somewhat upset, not feeling very happy.. I didn’t feel like going home at all and I certainly didn’t like the fact that my friends are now again on the other side of the world! I knew I was going to miss them and I was/am right in that. I do miss them, even though we’re back at the old routine of emailing, SMS- and MSN-ing with each other.. That 3rd dimension is missing now! πŸ™ Saying goodbye was pretty hard to do for me..


After a long trip (18h flying) I got back home and that felt pretty weird at the beginning I can tell you. Normality had resumed for me, even though I wasn’t ready for that at all yet! What with the jetlag, getting ill after I’d gotten home and having all those great memories it took me a while to readjust.. I’m now pretty much back to my ‘normal’ routine, though I still miss my friends. (and no, not miss them in such a way that I’m gonna do weird things!!)


I’ve really had a great holiday there, and I’ll definitely be going there again. Both to see my friends again (still so much to see/do in their area as well) and see more of the country of course. Don’t ask me yet where I’ll be going to then.. I really don’t know yet..


(oh yeah, I’m almost done sorting the last pictures to put up.. As my friend says.. I’m quite the shutterbug.. and I have a hard time deciding what to put up and what not..