Fremantle (with only one e at the beginning this time ;))

Today, I spent the day in Freo as they call it over here..

I spent most of my time in the prison, doing two tours. At first I did the doing time tour, showing you what the prison was like when it was first used for the convicts and later on the ‘normal’ prisoners. Some of the places there were really gripping, especially the gallows room (where they hung 44 people) had a bit of a strange atmosphere for me.. I wasn’t freaked out or anything, it just felt a bit different. Now whether it was me doing it to myself or the room, I don’t know.


After that first tour I went for a bite to eat and then on to the shipwreck museum with the remains of a few Dutch VOC ships, among them the Batavia, of which I have seen the replica they built over in the Netherlands. It was cool seeing the real thing (or what was left of it anyway). After the Round House I went back to the prison and did the tunnels tour, which was really awesome. The prisoners dug nearly a kilometre of tunnels undernetah the hill the prison’s on and you can go down them via a 20 metre ladder, walk (or rather crouch) through the tunnels then get on a boat and go through some of the tunnels


It was really, really worth it and I had a great day.. (only the bloody bus going back sure took it’s time getting there!!)

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