King’s Park and Aqwa

Yesterday, we went to King’s Park in the morning and enjoyed some great views from up there. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t quite cooperating with us and we went back pretty quickly due to the rain which was coming down hard and long (unusually apparently! ;))

During the afternoon, my friend hosted a kid’s book ordering party so I got to meet some more of her friends/relatives wchich was nice.


Today, we went North a bit to the aquarium and everyone had a blast. We got to see some gorgegeous fish whilst we were there. The oldest of my friend’s kids had a blast and didn’t quite know where to look basically. He saw loads of animals he knows from Nemo! 🙂 Even the youngest one didn’t quite know where to look. (Oh yeah, us adults also enjoyed it!!)


Then to the harder part.. Tomorrow, I leave for Alice Springs/Uluru and then onto to Sydney for a week after that. Whilst I am looking forward to that a lot, I also know I’ gonna miss my friends here in Perth a lot. These last two weeks have been such a blast, it was soo good to finally meet (and click) with someone I’ve know virtually for 4.5 years by now.

Both of them were ‘afraid’ that I would be sick of the kids by now, but that’s totally not the case. They’re a bunch of great kids and I get along great with them.. I’ll see all of them again before I go home again, but it doesn’t make it easier to leave. I know I’ll be doing loads of other great stuff but I wouldn’t have missed these two weeks for the world!



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