Well, I’m in Sydney now.. Not 70kms north of it but smack in the middle of the city..
It didn’t quite click with the people I was to stay with, so I’ve gone away from them.. And even though I was pretty stressed about that at first, I’ve now come to my senses again and will be starting to enjoy it.


Today, I’ve been walking through the city, following a route in my National Geographic guidebook for Sydney just to get an idea of what’s where, how far away etc.. Seen some pretty cool stuff already. Tomorrow it’s Bridgeclimb time!! And after that I’ll probably do the tour of the Opera House. My friend in Perth has advised me to do the ferry through the harbour to go and see other parts (cheaply) and I’ll probably do that as well (but not tomorrow I think ;))


I’m also planning to go up on the tower here and get a great view of the place from way up high! I’ll possibly through in either the aquarium or a zoo with Aussie wildlife (so far, I’ve only seen a kangeroo, a dingo and an emu.. None of the more exotic animals like the platypus e.g.


Oh, and those waiting for pics.. That’ll have to wait till I am back in Perth (from friday again)

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