Quick update

Just a quick update for everyone who reads this..

The Bridge climb was awesome, that gave so many great views and was a lot of fun to do!! And more then 1400 steps can’t hurt you now can it?!? 😉 After that I went into one of the pilons (only there for show basically) which had a great exhibition on how the bridge was built and some more great views (now with photo opportunities!

Then it was on to the Opera House for the tour there, but to be honest that was slightly disappointing.. Several of the halls were shut and no mention was made of that before getting your ticket.. I was a bit bummed about that. I did stick around the quay though and got some great nightshots of the city, the bridge and the Opera house!!

Yesterday morning, I went to the National Maritime museum and onto the destroyer and the sub! (I could never work on that sub, I’d be knocked out in seconds!! Way too low for me!! The destroyer was pretty cool though. Later in the afternoon Iwent up the Sydney Tower, or whatever it’s called nowadays and enjoyed some great, great views of the city


This morning it was the Sydney Wildlife, followed by a tour through the harbour.. Now I’ve just checked in for my flight back to pErth, and am mailing with my friend a bit and I’ll be off to the Aquarium next!

All in all, having a great time here, though also very happy I’ll see my friends in Perth again tomorrow!


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