The nanny/au-pair is about to go home again!! :(

Damn, it’s almost time to go home again.. In two days time I’ll be on the long plane trip back home and I sooo don’t want to go home!
I’ve fallen in love with this country, it’s just a very unique place in the world. Because of the people, the sights, the isolation, the size of the country.. they all make it a very special (or maybe different is a better word, good different mind you!) place. I’ve talked to several people who’ve felt the same way I feel. On the Sydney Harbour Bridge I talked to a couple who’d been out here for a holiday and they were back (for good!) about two years later and I must say, I can totally see why!


And of course, having good friends here makes it even harder to leave! We’ll go back to our old routine of emailing, sms-ing and chatting but it’ll be different from now on. Since we now know each other for real (and still get along!! ;)), the bond has grown stronger. Knowing someone through the net is one thing, knowing for real just adds a whole nother dimension, and I’m not just talking about the 3rd dimension!!


Today, was the 1st birthday party for my friend’s second son and a whole lot of preparations went into that.. The shopping and baking yesterday, the preparations last night and this morning but it was loads of fun being at the party.


Even though I’ve still got little under two days to go I want to say a huge thank you to my friends here, they’ve helped make this a great (if somewhat  unconventional!) holiday.


ps. All the rest of the pics will follow once I get home probably..

pps. About the title.. My friends call me that jokingly since I get along with their kids so well, even advising me think about a career change!!

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